Great Graphic Novels

We are regularly asked for recommendations for great graphic novels, so here are just a small selection of some (and hybrids) that we rate.

The King Of Birds by Alexander Utkin  (Nobrow)

An epic, fast-paced graphic novel based on Russian folklore. ‘The King Of Birds‘ tells the tale of how a golden apple started a brutal war between all the animals. It all began with a mouse, a sparrow and an apple…

Illegal by Eoin Colfer, Andrew Donkin & Giovanni Rigano

Illegal‘ is a hard-hitting, empathetically illustrated piece of fiction and one which makes for a particularly tough, but a nonetheless very necessary read. A story which illustrates one boy’s epic journey of hope & survival supported with the most considerate spreads.

cts8zktxyaae4htNightlights by Lorena Alvarez (Nobrow)

A stunningly eerie mix between picture book and graphic novel. Our formidable leading lady is a creative soul. By night she catches twinkly lights and has magically illuminating adventures, by day she turns them into wonderfully dreamy, whimsical doodlings.


Hilda And The Stone Forest by Luke Pearson (Flying Eye Books)

An empowering fantasy read, packed with intrigue and adventure as we follow the tale of our blue-haired protagonist. In this fifth instalment we find Hilda on another mystical adventure, with a number of familiar faces from previous stories. Not to be missed.

13600122_10154161542575446_1678389028241571797_nSurvivors of the Holocaust by Zane Whittingham & Ryan Jones

Is a hard-hitting and very necessary re-telling of a poignant and shocking time in our history. In an accessible graphic novel format, this book follows six young Jewish people who survived the Holocaust through to what happened to them after the war.

13450912_10154133153545446_5496091022899529405_nAnna & Froga by Anouk Ricard (Drawn & Quarterly)

A highly acclaimed series from Anouk Ricard that takes a sharp-witted, humorous and realistic look at an eclectic mix of friends and how the dynamics of their group play out.

12998488_10153966545675446_8951235656185994841_nKings Of The Castle by Victoria Turnbull

Is a highly imaginative and truly magical night time tale with a highly unusual composition, with an almost graphic novel feel in places. The subtle changes in layout make for a positively engaging read.

13342939_10154099398460446_8722445216337337713_nGeis: A Matter Of Life And Death by Alexis Deacon

Geis‘ pronounced ‘gesh’ is the first in a three-part fantasy saga. The first spell-binding instalment introduces us to the beginning of a highly poignant contest. Utterly gripping and stunningly illustrated.

12809621_10153863479105446_4650262566313751541_nA Year Without Mom by Dasha Tolstikova

In this transient mix of picture book meets graphic novel, you can’t fail to be moved by this read. So beautifully executed and poignantly written about moving away from everything you know and love for a new adventure.

12744046_10153836392290446_6862198595955572264_nCan I Build Another Me? by Shinsuke Yoshitake

In a totally compelling and utterly inventive story, Yoshitake invites us to reassess who we are and ponder on our individuality in a positive way, with an injection of wit and humour.

11261661_10153521705615446_8728771961715259353_nThe Night Watchman by Jérémie Fischer & Jean-Baptiste Labrune

A mix between a graphic novel, chapter book and picture book this thriller is a great transitional read for children who are starting to widen their reading material.


One thought on “Great Graphic Novels

  1. Thank you so much for this blog about graphic novels. My 5 year old is not keen on reading the words in books, but loves to devour pictures and tell the story that way. I think she is about to start a collection of some of these amazing looking graphic novels!!

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