Hand-picked Halloween treats

As Halloween looms we’ve selected some of our favourite spooktastic stories and most hair-raising Halloween reads:

How To Make Friends With A Ghost by Rebecca Green (Tundra Books)

Ghosts are often given a bad press, Green‘s witty and quirky debut opposes the theory that ghosts are scary and foreboding. In fact, ghosts need friends too and as long as you follow a few simple rules your ghost will grow old with you.

A WereWolf Named Oliver James by Nick J Frith (Scholastic)

Oliver James is just a ‘normal’ boy, doing usual boy stuff, minding his own young boy business… Until one eery moonlit night when something strange happens to Oliver James.

cts8zktxyaae4htNightlights by Lorena Alvarez (Nobrow)

A stunningly eerie mix between picture book and graphic novel with a sinister undertone. This imaginative story addresses insecurity and creativity in one glorious technicolour bundle, with an edgy twist.

cqfms0sxyaqehhzHilda And The Stone Forest by Luke Pearson (Flying Eye Books)

With magical, mythical creatures (including invisible elves, two-headed trolls and talking ravens) and alluring storylines, Hilda will undoubtedly capture hearts of all ages.

cp49i-bwiaakgimArthur And The Golden Rope by Joe Todd Stanton (Flying Eye Books)

Take a magically mysterious trip into Professor Brownstone’s cavernous vault, which contains some of the world’s most magnificent treasures. Meeting some mythical creatures along the way.

cnrvntkweaan3k2There’s No Such Thing As A Snappenpoop by Jeanne Willis & Matt Saunders (Little Tiger Press)

Clearly not a quest for the faint-hearted, in this hilarious tale of sibling rivalry, Little Brother wants nothing more than to be allowed to join in with Big Brother’s antics. But Big Brother isn’t going to make it easy for him, oh no!


Leo: A Ghost Story by Mac Barnett & Christian Robinson

Meet Leo, a friendly ghost.

When Leo tries to welcome a new family to his home, his genuine ghostly gestures are misunderstood and Leo decides it’s time to move on.

10710529_10152709301825446_8210244160308462173_nNo Such Thing by Ella Bailey (Flying Eye Books)

A frighteningly good search and find book where lots of unexplained events keep happening, but there are no such thing as ghosts… or are there?

Super Happy Magic ForestForest by Matty Long (OUP Children’s)

An epic quest, starring an unlikely and eclectic mix of heroes on their intrepid mission to retrieve the magic crystals from Goblin Towers! Will they return triumphant?

What There Is Before There Is Anything There: A Scary Story61QvTtYrXTL by Liniers (Groundwood Books)

If you’ve ever been afraid of the dark, you’ll undoubtedly identify with this totally terrifying tale.

12019873_10153562466415446_1802622873148609290_nThe Ride-by-Nights by Walter de la Mare & Carolina Rabei (Faber Children’s)

A beautifully enchanting, Halloween poem written by the inimitable Walter de la Mare and brought to life by the shining star that is Carolina Rabei.

11261661_10153521705615446_8728771961715259353_nThe Night Watchman by Jeremie Fischer & Jean-Baptise Labrune (Gestalten)

A striking and clever mix between a graphic novel, chapter book and picture book ,this philosophical story is full of suspense and intrigue.

10173682_10152987173685446_1293694426503303157_nHouse Held Up By Trees by Ted Kooser & Jon Klassen (Walker Books)

A haunting tale highlighting the struggle between man and nature as an empty home is infiltrated by trees and lifted from its foundations.

Pablo and Jane and the Hot Air Co1de7638037908e05e0b5dc4076ff77e0ntraption by José Domingo (Flying Eye Books)

Join Pablo and Jane on their highly amusing yet similarly spooky exploration. An interactive, seek-and-find story with stickers and spreads bursting with finite details.


One thought on “Hand-picked Halloween treats

  1. I love this section! And I really love that you included Liniers’ What There is Before There is Anything There. What an awesome book! It’s one of our very favorites. Really terrifying.

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