Illegal by Eoin Colfer, Andrew Donkin & Giovanni Rigano (Hodder Children’s)

A graphic novel like no other, we urge you to share this powerful and timely tale, far and wide.

Illegal‘ is a hard-hitting, empathetically illustrated piece of fiction and one which makes for a particularly tough, but a nonetheless very necessary read.

The story will undoubtedly help younger readers understand more clearly the plight of refugees the world over and provide some much needed empathy for those who find themselves amidst troubled times.

The story clearly illustrates one boy’s epic journey of hope & survival supported with the most considerate spreads.

We meet Ebo, whose brother disappears and before that his sister too. He is alone and knows that the treacherous journey to Europe is perhaps his only hope.

His unrelenting journey takes him across Africa ultimately over the vast ocean to Europe, but he has many obstacles to face along the way.

In his formative years, Ebo sees and experiences things no person should have to experience.

Heart-breaking yet hopeful, ‘Illegal‘ provides a very humbling read, told with empathy, humour & compassion by Eoin Colfer and Andrew Donkin.


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