Father figures

Looking for a special read, that includes a father figure? We are regularly asked for suggestions that include Dads and/or adult males in picture books, so we hope you enjoy our small selection:

Daddy Long Legs by Nadine Brun-Cosme & Aurélie Guillerey

This wildly imaginative and emotive portrayal of the father/son relationship is empathetically written by Brun-Cosme and vibrantly brought to life with Guillerey’s joyous illustrations.

13238944_10154067645880446_6284960502495883822_nMy Dad Used To Be So Cool by Keith Negley

Keith Negley captures perfectly the tender relationship between father and young son, still an all too rare feature in picture books.

A sensitive but edgy story that encapsulates all that’s great about dads everywhere.

1235460_10153932964960446_7308416318429983273_nA Brave Bear by Sean Taylor & Emily Hughes

Here, the father’s role is one of support and encouragement, as he too learns to let go and invites the bear cub to make his own mistakes and begin to make his own decisions to stand by.

A empathetically written piece of narrative coupled with warm, soothing illustrations which provide the perfect backdrop.

11249161_10153299750340446_5936317118021376663_nFootpath Flowers by JonArno Lawson & Sydney Smith

A subtle but powerful portrayal of a father figure. We follow a girl on a walk, with who we can only assume to be her Father, she stops intermittently to pick flowers on her travels.

Accentuating the ordinary and highlighting the enormity of small gestures

10440715_10153142787445446_2779874427750188636_nWhen Dad Showed Me The Universe by Ulf Stark & Eva Eriksson

A father/son adventure which begins in search of the universe and ends in them both learning some invaluable lessons along the way.

In fact, the journey is more poignant than arriving at their ultimate destination. Ultimately showing that sometimes the biggest lessons can be learned when you least expect it.

11013119_10153378984465446_863529203812670779_nThe Tea Party In The Woods by Akiko Miyakoshi

Whilst not a main role in this enchanting story, the father nevertheless plays his part in what unfurls to be a magical adventure into the woods.

As Kikko follows her father’s footsteps in the snow to deliver a parcel, she comes across a hidden animal world.


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