Illumanatomy by Kate Davies & Carnovsky (Wide Eyed)

Try this highly refreshing anatomy lesson for size!

The second in this series, ‘Illumanatomy‘ is an utterly engaging and mesmerising piece of non-fiction.

Non-fiction can be as equally beguiling as fiction and this book is testament to that.

Illuminatomy‘ takes a closer look at the layers that make up human body in a range of captivating psychedelic spreads coupled with clear, concise text.

Discover the secrets of the human body in a kaleidoscope of colour, using a magic three-colour lens to x-ray the body from head to toe.

The red lens enables you to see the skeleton in more detail. Use the blue lens to find out about the organs that keep you alive and take the green lens to examine the muscles.

Together, Kate Davies and Carovsky have produced a phenomenal science lesson and one with the most stylish and edgy design.

With an alluring interactive element and succinct, accurate factual information, ‘Illumanatomy won’t fail to appeal to budding biologists and those who have an appetite for learning.

Such an informative and engaging format for young learners, we can’t wait to share this far and wide.


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