The Night Watchman by Jérémie Fischer and Jean-Baptiste Labrune (Gestalten)

11261661_10153521705615446_8728771961715259353_nThis striking and clever mix between a graphic novel, chapter book and picture book is a great transitional read for children who are starting to widen their reading material.

This illustrated novel is full of luminous, vivid spreads, reminiscent of screen printed illustrations, in Jérémie Fischer‘s own inimitable style.

12002849_10153521705720446_6714810996135151622_nHis chosen palette conjures up an almost retro feel and the use of geometric shapes provide a bold backdrop to this creative tale.

After dusk, the Night Watchman patrols the streets, assisted by birds on the rooftops, dogs in the lanes, and rats underground.

As the local policeman, the Night Watchman hunts down any intruder who threatens the peace and security of his city.

12003232_10153521705635446_2250664772548932575_nNothing or no one has disturbed his nightly routine, until now…

Jean-Baptiste Labrune’s magical story creates an eery, walled city where its inhabitants aren’t allowed to leave their homes after dark, for their own safety.

The story takes a dark turn and unearths betrayal, love and friendship.

11986605_10153521705850446_6480693534964589314_nThe bright yellow beam of light shining from the Night Watchman’s head torch is a prominent and integral part of both the story and illustrations.

A beautifully written philosophical story, full of suspense and intrigue coupled with the most prodigious artwork.

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