I Don’t Like Koala by Sean Ferrell & Charles Santoso (Simon & Schuster)

11137112_10153512059135446_7717730234830340914_nHave you ever had a toy that was a little bit scary looking? Perhaps, gave you the heebie jeebies?

Just a little bit creepy?

One you’d rather ‘lose’ somewhere?

Well Adam has.

11933472_10153512059160446_2345386835723841939_nMeet Koala.

He has those kind of eyes that follow you around the room in an almost demonic manner.

But what happens when you can’t seem to shake off this furry fiend?

Despite numerous protests to his parents, they insist on Koala accompanying Adam everywhere! To the shops, in the bath…

11949324_10153512059180446_4284098680035663278_nIn this debut picture book from Sean Ferrell and Charles Santoso, the limited but oh so hilarious text, coupled with the muted tonal illustrations make for a refreshing and original read.

This is a different, quirky story and one we thoroughly enjoyed. It’s not a sugary sweet tale and for that reason we love it’s honesty and ability to stretch a child’s imagination.

AdamCelebrating bravery with an air of distinct disagreeableness, this makes for a great read and one that will resonate with many children and adults alike.

Santoso‘s beautifully rendered and highly unique illustrations are a stunning accompaniment to Ferrell‘s understated but provoking text.

Throughout this book is an utterly hilarious, underlying dark humour, played out like a perfectly timed comedic act. It will make adults smile and children rejoice.

One for shelves everywhere!


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