Geis: A Matter of Life & Death by Alexis Deacon (Nobrow)

13342939_10154099398460446_8722445216337337713_nGeis‘ pronounced ‘gesh’ is the first in a three-part fantasy saga. The first spell-binding instalment introduces us to the beginning of a highly poignant contest.

Without an heir to her throne, the death of current ruler chief Matarka, calls for a contest to find the next worthy ruler of the island. Fifty challengers are duly summoned to accept their fate.

Unbeknownst to the 13346869_10154099398425446_7605693247910387435_nfifty contenders, only one will be chosen, but at what cost and what lies in store for these unsuspecting souls?

Played out in an original and highly intricate, almost obsessively neat, graphic novel with muted palettes of autumnal tones, each turn of the page reveals another gripping spread, as the gravity of the task begins to resonate with those taking part.

CkF8RizW0AAfa17This is a truly enchanting story filled with the odd witticism and utterly enthralling characters, none more so than our protagonist, the Kite Lord’s daughter.

An almost out-of-place character in her blue dress trimmed with pristine white collars, cuffs and buttons. But don’t be deceived by the meek exterior. This heroine is a match for any other contender and she’s out to prove her worth, just like the other 49.

13339561_10154099398540446_8619856325559549851_nUnbelievably, this is Alexis Deacon‘s first graphic novel, but in terms of production and execution you’d think he’d produced this genre of work for years.

We’re just so pleased this is the first part of a trilogy and have two further books to wait with anticipation for. A beautifully quirky graphic novel and one for collectors everywhere.

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