Under Earth, Under Water by Aleksandra Mizielińska & Daniel Mizielińska (Big Picture Press)


From the creators of ‘Maps‘ comes an equally intricately illustrated, dual-purpose piece of non-fiction.

Under Earth, Under Water‘ is an utterly engaging and cleverly executed book that can be read from back to front and front to back.

Journey quite literally, through the earth to discover what lies beneath the surface in glorious technicolour and insane detail, accompanied by fascinating facts.

13335852_10154094394305446_3518050702793207346_nAs you begin your journey, you are faced with earthworms and ants, passing smelly sewage works and deep, dark mines until you reach the centre of the earth.

A beautiful cross-section of the earth greets you on this spread, with snippets of information and bite-sized fun facts to digest. For example, did you know that at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean there is a vast area where the Earth’s crust is missing? No, us either!


As we eventually reach the centre of the Earth and have thoroughly exhausted the wealth of information on offer to learn more about what lies beneath the surface of the earth, we smoothly transition to the bottom of our vast seas.

In the same delicate styling, which has become synonymous with Aleksandra & Daniel Mizielińska, we are transported to a completely new and very different environment from the first half of our journey.

13321731_10154094394340446_4849395880624275663_nThe transition is fluidly seamless and whilst we delve ever deeper into the dark cold waters of a Mariana trench and spot anglerfish along our way, the familiar layout, labels and strong illustrative style are ever present throughout.

This over-sized text would be an asset to any classroom or library and the arresting way in which it captivates its audience and draws them in is no mean feat!

A roaring success from Aleksandra & Daniel Mizielińska and undoubtedly another bestseller on their hands.


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