Robinson by Peter Sís (Thames Hudson)

In this sensitively told story by Peter Sís there’s a wonderful marriage of sparse but meaningful text and an abundance of detailed spreads that you can almost dive into.

It’s a rich and heart-warming tale, which has the ability to send you right back to your formative years.

Robinson‘ is a thoughtful blend of a true story from Peter’s childhood coupled with the fictional adventure of Robinson Crusoe and it makes for a truly magical read.

As a young boy embarks upon an intrepid ocean adventure and lands on a remote island far from home, his adventure has really begun.

It’s an adventure filled with surprise, acceptance, fear and friendship. Something that will resonate with each and every one of us, albeit under different circumstances.

Peter arrives at this lush island in his pyjamas, he has to fend for himself in this unfamiliar territory and manages to build a shelter and  live off the land.

Peter Sís has a knack of taking readers on their own personal journey and offering the perfect backdrop to escape to.

Using a rich, watery palette Sís provides a series of dreamlike spreads where little imaginations will be invited to run wild and have their own adventure on this deserted island.

Robinson‘ is a vivd and imaginative journey through childhood with an abundance of adventure and an underlying quiet solitude.

An enchanting story just waiting to be read and explored futher.

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