Can I Build Another Me? by Shinsuke Yoshitake (Thames & Hudson)

12744046_10153836392290446_6862198595955572264_nIn a totally compelling and utterly inventive story, ‘Can I Build Another Me?‘ by Shinsuke Yoshitake, invites us to reassess who we are and ponder on our individuality in a positive way.

In this picture book, with an almost graphic novel feel, we meet Kevin who decides to build ‘another him’ in a quest to get his ‘other me’ to do all of the things he doesn’t want to, like tidying his room and doing his homework.

12321676_10153836392350446_1959070470920870673_nInjected with humour and quirky illustrations, this book will appeal to a younger audience and help them consider their own identity.

Kevin’s wild and wonderful train of thought makes him re-evaluate what makes him HIM?

Is it the freckles on his nose or the scar on his knee? After all he’s ‘quite ordinary really.’


In order for the robot to pretend to be Kevin, Kevin is required to contemplate some tricky questions such as ‘What do other people think of you?’ and ‘What can you do and what can’t you do?’.

It means Kevin has to talk about himself, something he doesn’t like doing and it soon becomes apparent that Kevin’s far from ordinary and is totally and wonderfully unique, not that he realises it…


This fresh, contemporary approach to a philosophical book for young children is executed with humour, stunning illustrations and invites the reader to begin their own journey of self discovery.

Such an important picture book and one I intend to use at my pre-school to encourage a much younger audience to think about the characteristics that make them all unique and celebrate those differences.

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