The King Of Birds by Alexander Utkin (Nobrow Press)

What a way to kick-off to 2018 by Nobrow Press. An epic, fast-paced graphic novel based on Russian folklore. ‘The King Of Birds‘ tells the tale of how a golden apple started a brutal war between all the animals.

It all began with a mouse, a sparrow and an apple…

Mouse and Sparrow had lived in harmony for 30 years, great friends, sharing everything until one fateful day mouse came across a magic golden apple and kept it to herself. When Sparrow found her gorging on the apple he sought justice from the Lion but he refused to take action, so the sparrow flew to his King, the Eagle. There begins this gripping tale.

Immerse yourself in Alexander Utkin‘s psychedelic world of Slavic mythology and meet the Gamayun (a prophetic bird with the head of a woman).

The Gamayun is the over-arching guide amidst this mighty battle and provides the commentary to this unfurling tale.

With a rich palette and an abundance of detail, this engaging, fast-paced fairy tale can be enjoyed by audiences of all ages.

Younger audiences will be drawn in by the magical storyline and an older audience will appreciate the craft and artistry of this production. A perfect medium for reluctant or transitional readers.


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