Nightlights by Lorena Alvarez (Nobrow)

cts8zktxyaae4htNightlights by Lorena Alvarez is a stunningly eerie mix between picture book and graphic novel.

Our formidable leading lady Sandy, is a creative soul. By night she catches twinkly lights and has magically illuminating adventures, by day she turns them into wonderfully dreamy, whimsical doodlings.


Schooled in a strict convent, Sandy is often lost in her own world during lessons. Continually reprimanded by the nuns, no-one ever notices her shining creative talent.

Until one day, she stumbles across a mysterious girl named Morfie, who takes a great interest in her drawings. But who is she and what does she want from Sandy?


Lorena Alvarez has created a truly imaginative story which addresses insecurity and creativity in one glorious technicolour bundle, with an edgy twist.

Such an enchanting tale, presented in a series of varied panels and stunning spreads, this makes for a truly compelling read.

In Sandy’s imaginative world, we cts8zumxeaaznfaare greeted with a resplendent palette of warm pinks, purples and oranges, combined with the most weird and wonderful creatures.

We particularly appreciated the sinister edge to this unfurling tale and the highly original illustrations by Alvarez. A complete winner.

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