Crazy About Cats by Owen Davey (Flying Eye Books)

The next in this compellingly stylish series is set to be another sure-fire winner from Owen Davey.

Crazy About Cats‘ offers an insight into the lives of our feline friends, supported by Davey’s iconic graphic design work.

From early mythology, to addressing the issues that currently affect our wild cats, this encyclopaedic offering is sure to have you ‘crazy about cats’ by the turn of the last page.

With 38 species of cat on our planet, there’s much to be learnt and a wealth of information to explore.

For example, did you know Pumas can leap up to 5 metres into trees, or that the Sand Cat have furry feet to stop them form sinking into the sand?

There are plenty of these fabulous facts and striking illustrations to pore over.

Owen Davey‘s use of clean lines and bold palettes makes for a wholly appealing read. Coupled with bite-size snippets of information, this provides a highly accessible piece of non-fiction for a range of age groups and abilities.

In this informative series, the world of wild cats is explored in great detail, from the frozen Tibetan mountains to the grasslands of the Serengeti plain, no stone is left unturned. Get your paws on a copy in June.

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