A Greyhound A Groundhog by Emily Jenkins & Chris Appelhans (Schwartz & Wade Books)

Having seen a brief snippet of this stunning book on Twitter we knew it was one we needed to get our sticky little mitts on.

A Greyhound A Groundhog‘ is an eloquent and cleverly written tongue-twister with the most serenely inky illustrations.

The level of detail in Chris Appelhans illustrations, even down to the use of the different typefaces on the cover to denote each of the characters is second to none.

The sense of movement across his spreads supports the sparse but significant narrative, as the pace picks up speed.

The song-like, intertwining text written so beautifully by Emily Jenkins is a tongue-twisting delight and one which promotes word-play and reading-aloud to maximum impact.

Using two juxtaposed but loveable and lively characters makes for an interesting and unusual read, which makes this all the more compelling.

Playful and utterly joyful, the emerging friendship between this unlikely pairing is one that builds as the story unfolds, in a lyrically lively and jaunty bedtime read.

One for shelves everywhere and to be loved by audiences young and old.


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