Smart About Sharks by Owen Davey (Flying Eye Books)

13567138_10154151529070446_6021900637126616580_n Owen Davey never fails to deliver on the design front and ‘Smart About Sharks‘ has to be one of our favourites to date.

Using his signature sharp, clean graphical styling, Davey offers a piece of non-fiction which packs some punch and provides a wealth of interesting facts and snippets of information along the way.

It even includes some ancient mythology and handy hints about how we can help keep our oceans clean and healthy so that sharks can thrive.

13494747_10154151529080446_3477321162148146930_nPresented in a most pleasing layout with predominant palettes of greys, pinks and blues, this piece of non-fiction stands apart from anything else on the market, particularly due to it’s striking pink cover.

From the naming of the numerous species, accompanied by their full Latin names, to learning about the social life of a shark, you will undoubtedly have a more well-rounded knowledge of sharks after flicking through these sumptuous spreads.


Whilst this is clearly a serious piece of non-fiction, Davey cleverly injects his sharp wit and humour to the sub titles of each section and devotes a light-hearted spread to these boneless fish for the fastest, the laziest shark and the best bark.

Exploring sharks in more detail in glorious technicolour and using contemporary artwork makes for a most delightful and pleasurable way to learn.


This majestically designed tome would be a welcome asset to any shelf or library and the way in which the information is presented, fully supported by a clear visual narrative is hugely impactful.

It’s a great introduction for a younger reader or indeed an enjoyable refresher for those of us a little longer in the tooth. And yes, we are most definitely now ‘Smart About Sharks‘.


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