Hortense And Her Shadow by Natalia & Lauren O’Hara (Puffin)

When we first shared images from this book, they received an overwhelmingly warm reception.

From the sophisticated rose gold foiling on the cover to the inky, textured spreads and the fairy tale-esque storyline, there’s everything to love about this debut from sisters Natalie and Lauren O’Hara.

Hortense is a brave, caring and clever girl who lives deep in the woods. But she is persecuted by her own shadow. She hates it, with a passion!

Everywhere she goes, it goes. Everything she does, it does and when night time approaches her shadow grows tall, dark and crooked.

Hortense starts to hide her shadow. Behind columns, under ottomans and in holes.

But what happens when Hortense manages to lose her shadow?

This contemporary fairytale has the feel of a timeless classic and includes elements of light and dark, coupled with a delicate illustrative style.

With a strong female protagonist and an empowering message, this is a book to be read to all of your sons and daughters.

We urge you to keep your eyes peeled on this sibling pairing, we know there’ll be more great stories to come.

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