What Do Grown-Ups Do All Day? by Dawid Ryski (Gestalten)

We do a love a picture book that breaks boundaries and ‘What Do Grown-Ups Do All Day?‘ by Dawid Ryski does exactly that, in a stylish and contemporary production.

It is after all a mighty fine question and a younger audience might be surprised at what us grown-ups do get up to.

There’s a whole host of varying vocations and careers that are on offer to us all, some more well-known than others.

From film directors to farmers and brewers to tattoo artists, there’s a cornucopia of roles portrayed across Ryski’s inventive spreads.

This refreshing look at ‘grown-up’ roles, takes the usual gender stereotypes jumps up and down on them and throws them out of the window.

It’s encouraging to see female mechanical engineers and male carers portrayed within these spreads.

In his iconic clean and bold illustrative style, Ryski inspires a new generation to consider a wealth of diverse roles and opens up possibilities that are often overlooked for men and women alike.

The perfect introduction for a younger audience to ponder possible professions without the usual conventions.

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