Pandora by Victoria Turnbull (Frances Lincoln)

We can’t possibly keep a lid on this gem any longer!

Pandora‘ by Victoria Turnbull is a heart-wrenchingly emotive tale and one which ultimately offers great hope and prosperity. The hardback is printed on luxurious shimmering silk and worthy of a mention.

14068203_10154309986335446_2921930390567361480_n“Pandora lived alone, in a land of broken things.”

Pandora is a lone fox, living in a desolate land, where no-one ever comes to visit. Except that is, on one particular day, when something fell from the sky, broken.

14080053_10154309986365446_4896177089216588827_nPandora usually knows how to mend broken things, but not this… This was unlike anything else she’d ever attempted to fix before.

But she nursed her unexpected guest back to health and soon, the bird was able to fly once again.

CpQ8ctIWAAAOezrTurnbull has an incredible knack of creating beautifully composed spreads in many different formats and layouts. This makes a truly appealing read and one which supports the flow of the unfurling story.

The bird would fly away but would always return. “Until the day he didn’t.”

“She thought her heart would break.”

CpQ8cp6WAAAF3OLJust when you think she can’t possibly exceed her last offering, Turnbull produces another sublime text with her wondrously muted and opulent illustrations.

This picture book had us on a roller coaster of emotions, ending on an utterly joyous note and one which highlights the strength of relationships and the need to be surrounded by our loved ones.

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