The World-Famous Book Of Magical Numbers by Sarah Goodreau (Big Picture Press)

13413687_10154119846230446_2587637190598022701_nIf you appreciate strong graphical design matched with superior paper engineering, then this book is for you, no matter what your age.

Sarah Goodreau‘s ‘The World-Famous Book Of Magical Numbers‘ is a boldly designed, retro-inspired book on numbers and counting.

But this is no ordinary introduction to numbers, it’s a thrilling and magical look at numbers 0 to 10.

13417412_10154119846455446_8402355782089217205_nPrepare to be amazed!

Thanks to some clever paper engineering, we are presented with grand illusions and spectacular sorcery, all revealed right before our eyes, at the turn of every page.

Using pop-ups, pull-outs and lift-the-flap wizardry, Goodreau‘s vibrant artwork and magical trickery is brought to life on every spread.

13450782_10154119846320446_3934705858565860271_nIn the follow-up to ‘The Greatest Opposites Book On Earth‘ by Tom Frost, the eye-catching vintage styling is ever present and the clean, simplicity of the spreads remains.

It must also be said that the interactive elements to this elegant book of numbers are both sturdy and resilient. It will withstand plenty of exploration that little hands may throw at it.

13418975_10154119846520446_4360916365937230801_nA younger audience will delight in the magical range of interactive elements to this book, whilst an older audience will appreciate the nostalgic design.

This is a great way to explore numbers, with an added touch of magic. Undoubtedly a book will be re-visited again and again.


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