The Truth According to Arthur by Tim Hopgood & David Tazzyman (Bloomsbury)

T13450142_10154114944285446_8765106110945097592_no lie or not to lie, that is the question that Arthur finds himself wrangling with.

Arthur has done something he shouldn’t have.

He rode his brother’s big bike, despite being told not to by his Mum.

13406784_10154114944265446_1869278906373665155_nHe managed to crash the bike and if that wasn’t enough, he scratched his mum’s car too.

So what will Arthur do?

What would you do?

Will he tell the truth? Or will he fib?

Yep, you guessed it, he decides to bend the truth, just a little…

13434786_10154114944245446_6023255059347659186_nHe hides it, he stretches it and he even tries to cover it up, by including supercool princesses, homesick aliens and fighting giant robots in his lies.

The personification of the truth makes for a truly humorous read, as Arthur tries to ignore it. It also acts as a gentle visual reminder that the truth can’t be hidden, disguised or stretched.


Tim Hopgood‘s witty wording coupled with David Tazzyman‘s signature styling are a genius picture book pairing. 

Without doubt, the perfect read to remind a younger audience about the importance of telling the truth and a fun look at fibbing.


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