The Greatest Opposites Book On Earth by Lee Singh & Tom Frost

11825161_10153430262280446_3000443938963219681_nRoll up, roll up! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. If you’re looking for a stylish, interactive and quirky ‘opposites’ book, then look no further.

The Greatest Opposites Book on Earth‘ by Lee Singh and Tom Frost is an ingeniously crafted picture book and a clever piece of paper engineering.

18313_10153430262380446_8387903008894418255_nBold, vivid illustration, coupled with pop-up pages and lift-the-flap elements make for a truly interactive experience for a younger audience.

This concept book provides a plethora of opposites within the confines of a classic circus tent.


Clean lines, bold shapes and a vintage-inspired palette make this the ultimate page-turner for both child and adult.

Join the most stylish circus on earth, as we explore various opposites including ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ and ‘near’ and ‘far’. Each with its own unique piece of interactivity.

11811521_10153430262330446_2855778428549218756_nAs big fans of Tom Frost‘s work, this highly stylised, circus-themed book does not disappoint and we hope he continues to make more picture books.

This ‘opposites’ book is unlike anything else we’ve seen and the pop-up, fold down, pull out elements are highly engaging, no matter what your age!

Check out our short video of this fabulous book

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