Waiting For High Tide by Nikki McClure (Abrams Young Readers)

12963356_10153978321175446_4448220423283343866_nThis most delicately illustrated book highlights the relationship of a young boy and his affinity with nature.

As he waits impatiently on the beach for high tide with his family, together they build a raft.

In between the chopping and building, the boy is thoroughly immersed in nature’s finest display, spotting squawking gulls and seaweeds that pop.

12963815_10153978321090446_7647575408573616533_nHe is totally absorbed and in tune with the environment around him and the way in which Nikki McClure writes makes you feel as though you are right there, on the beach with the boy.

A brief rest for lunch provides a new backdrop to the story. With the ensuing high tide comes predators and cawing gulls. All ready to feast on the gifts delivered by the deeper waters.

12718040_10153978321130446_9091574946869882474_nWe feel it very necessary to highlight the intricate illustration process which McClure uses to achieve these stunning spreads.

Using a special knife, as pictured and black paper she creates the most beautiful illustrations, reminiscent of a 1950s vintage picture book. We are in awe of the painstaking detail in every page and each cut taken to create these stunning works of art.

12974480_10153978321150446_1684060344476868797_nWhen the raft is finished and the tide comes in, the family cast off and there the boy plunges into the salty waters.

This is a gentle story that unfurls around the boy and his family. A sympathetic tale of being at one with nature and in total harmony with your surroundings.


3 thoughts on “Waiting For High Tide by Nikki McClure (Abrams Young Readers)

  1. I love Nikki McClure’s work but didn’t know this book existed! We have ‘All in a Day’ which we love. Its so exciting to me as a papercutter to know that there are illustrators making beautiful, popular published children’s books. Thank you for sharing this!

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