Rain by Sam Usher (Templar Publishing)

12974290_10153978321195446_5056830525819177935_nRain‘, is another magical, if slightly soggier follow-up to ‘Snow‘ by Sam Usher.

A young boy wakes to heavy rain and imagines the fun and adventures that are to be had by donning his wellies and raincoat.

But his grandad has other ideas and isn’t quite so willing to be dragged out into the pouring rain. Or is he?


An uplifting story which captures perfectly the childish impatience in us all and the endless possibilities that are open to us if we tap into our wild and vivid imagination.

Usher has presented such dreamlike spreads. His detailed, muted reflections are utterly breathtaking and you can almost dabble your fingers in the growing puddles.

12990900_10153978321085446_1759800818573531813_nThe first three quarters of the story cleverly builds the fervent impatience and the boy’s desperation to venture out into the pelting rain.

It’s a stark reminder of being a child and the overwhelming necessity to do everything at 100 mph!

Grandad however, has no desire to leave the house whilst the heavens open. But then, the rain stops and out they go…

12998717_10153978320940446_958373737595471962_nThe last few spreads are a sight to behold. An action-packed, vibrantly busy, adventure awaits on their way to post a letter.

Filled with minute detail and a hubbub of activity you’re sure to miss some things on the first read through.

Another overwhelming winner from Sam Usher and his sumptuous illustrations capture the detail of the rain to perfection.



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