My Book Of Birds by Geraldo Valério (Groundwood Books)

13094142_10153995458570446_3534310843942766445_nThe cover alone drew us immediately to this vibrantly illustrated and quirkily composed piece of non-fiction.

Geraldo Valério has created a visually compelling tome on the native birds of North America.

His use of collage allows an almost geometric artistic interpretation of the birds and one which is highly eye-catching.

13087711_10153995458520446_4572746526721240251_nThe varied array of feathered friends included in this book, coupled with the snippets of fascinating facts make for an engaging read and a reference fit for any bookshelf, classroom or library.

Bite-sized pieces of informative data accompany the astute visual narrative and offer a wealth of knowledge on feeding, nesting and migration habits.

13091914_10153995458560446_7003319657844371985_nThe use of sharp, clean shapes and carefully selected palettes provide original and deceptively simplistic interpretations of each bird that jump off every spread.

This would be a fabulous introduction to birds for any child and offers a fresh and contemporary execution of a well visited subject area.

13094427_10153995458540446_3236498976683138321_nThe endpapers are a complete work of art and another source of arresting illustration.

In our opinion, Groundwood Books are one of the few publishers leading the way in cutting edge, stylised picture books and is one to keep a close eye on over the forthcoming months.


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