Timeline: A Visual History of Our World by Peter Goes (Gecko Press)

12193628_10153612100090446_2002825552460588988_nTimeline, A Visual History of Our World‘ is utterly breathtaking and bursting with detail.

From the beginning of time to the current day, no stone is left unturned in this graphical feast for the eye.

Peter Goes has crafted a picture perfect, potted history which will appeal to all ages.

12065862_10153612100155446_932137226052690673_nFilled with stylish infographics denoting a wealth of historical events, major players from our past and highlighting key inventions, Peter Goes has done a most epic job including hundreds of details.

A very accessible medium for a younger audience and a powerful classroom resource, this is a totally original and fresh approach to history.

It’s like nothing we’ve seen before!
12049305_10153612100140446_8165961793254445590_nFrom the Aztecs to the Egyptians, wars and natural disasters to TV characters and mythical figures, this hefty tome has it all.

Taking a step back in time in a contemporary, highly illustrated and creative way, makes for a much for an upbeat and frankly, more interesting view on our past.

This design-led walk through history, paired with informative, bite-sized snippets of factual information is a perfect resource for any budding Historian.

12143100_10153612100150446_272972856818300929_nThe use of beautifully stylised infographics and clean graphic design, adds clarity to particular cultural, political and historical events and will test even the more able Historians around us.

Keep your eyes peeled for Harry Potter, Dr Spock and Al Capone, to name but a few.

Watch the trailer here.


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