Green Lizards vs Red Rectangles by Steve Antony (Hodder Children’s)

12190799_10153607065490446_7335762829082338923_nIn this much anticipated tale from Steve Antony, comes the story of ‘Green Lizards vs Red Rectangles‘ in a hard hitting and powerful allegory about war and peace.

“The green lizards and the red rectangles were at war.”

But why are they fighting and what are they fighting for? Does anyone really know?


From the outset, it isn’t clear why these two very different groups are so against each other.

How come a lounge of spirited lizards are attacking a union of animated red rectangles?

Taken at face value, it initially appears to be a power struggle over space or territory.

12063889_10153607065540446_6650470221347090003_nBut then a solitary lizard dares to speak up and asks “what are we fighting for?

Unfortunately for him, he meets an untimely end as one of the red rectangles squashes him flat.

Then ensues the biggest, most epic battle between the opposing sides, until they could fight no more.

10390523_10153607065495446_5422256381175794828_nFinally, the two groups find a way to live in peace and harmony together.

In this clever reinvention of a classic, Antony has produced a clear, and vibrant story perfect for a much younger audience.

Full of impact and with limited text, this picture book will undoubtedly provoke much discussion and thought around the futility of war.

A great introduction to a much wider political subject for children to comprehend.


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