Christmas for Greta and Gracie by Yasmeen Ismail (Nosy Crow)

12187890_10153618204510446_8869079991257936298_nMeet Greta and Gracie, two sisters.

Both from the same mold, but both very different.

Greta is bigger and older and way more chatty than smaller, younger, quieter Gracie.

But what happens when their roles are reversed?

11012575_10153618204575446_6861924396633354387_nGreta can talk… and talk… and talk some more, whilst Greta is content to listen.

On the run up to Christmas, the siblings share the magic of the Christmas preparations, decorating the tree, ice skating, wrapping presents, but bigger sister Greta often talks over Gracie or answers for her and is all too quick to remind her that she’s too little or too slow, or too short.

But being small and quiet m12208534_10153618204620446_5781969794009246994_nost definitely has its advantages, particularly on Christmas Eve, when Gracie receives the most unexpected and unforgettable Christmas present ever and Greta is finally stunned into silence!

Yasmeen Ismail‘s beautifully textured splashes of colour and clever characterisation, make for the perfect Christmas read and one which will have any child filled with the magical excitement for the forthcoming festivities.


The contrasting pink and yellow bubbles for each of the sisters narrative is a visually clever way to portray the abundant difference between the two girls.

Everyone of us has had a Greta in their lives at some point and it’s reassuring to be reminded that we all have our place in this world no matter how small, or quiet or slow.

A magical Christmassy book which will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and one you’ll enjoy picking up time and time again.


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