Hector and Hummingbird by Nicholas John Frith (Scholastic)

11863408_10153457690740446_3214276562166478318_nWe’ve been an avid follower of Nicholas John Frith‘s work for some time now, so we were super excited whilst at the Scholastic Bloggers event, to spot this fabulously vibrant and daringly different debut picture book from Frith.

Hector and Hummingbird‘ is a wonderful debut and one that’ll be hard to top!

11873407_10153457690810446_4109085441533599860_nA tale of a friendship between a bear and a hummingbird plays out before us in a glorious vibrant palette.

It highlights the challenges that this unlikely pairing face and the very apparent differences between them.

When Hector befriends a noisy, talkative hummingbird he quickly decides that he needs some peace and quiet… or does he?

11230028_10153457690855446_5855692459045941226_nFind out what happens when Hector goes it alone, without his chatty little friend beside him. Will he enjoy the peace and tranquility of the jungle or will the silence be deafening?

Having been an admirer of Frith‘s illustrative work and editorial narrative, we knew his style would translate perfectly across picture books.

11863291_10153457743695446_4366980308091000306_nThe block colours of predominantly brown and green with pops of pink and turquoise give this retro-inspired design a clean, contemporary twist.

His clever choice of palette makes for a very different offering and like nothing else we’ve seen on the market at the moment.

We loved this page at the end of the book too, with added extras to spot and new animals to learn along the way.

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