You Can Do It, Bert! by Ole Könnecke (Gecko Press)

11873364_10153470351755446_2896582125707183281_nYou Can Do It, Bert!‘ by Ole Könnecke, is a beautifully minimal and an equally impactful story.

Perfect for any imminently intrepid adventurer, this book tackles the mental and physical preparation required for any new, unknown encounter.

11863453_10153470351950446_250219511775010176_nSmattered with very limited text and large white spaces, each spread clearly conveys and succinctly captures Bert’s sheer tenacity and courage.

Bert embarks on what appears to be, his first flight from his nest, with a little help and encouragement from his friends.

Is he ready? Has he prepared well enough? Will he make it?

Questions that many of us wil11260577_10153470351855446_9187049055282261163_nl ask ourselves at various points throughout our lives.

The story provides much food for thought, coupled with bags of humour and laugh-out-loud moments, this makes for a great read for all ages.

11870717_10153470351895446_7283168924096004870_nWatch on, as Bert takes a long run-up, but stops close to the end of the safety of his branch. Does he have the courage to leap from the branch?

Find out what happens to Bert and if he can summon the courage to take the plunge.

A fine example of ‘less being more’ and a lovely twist at the end of the tale.

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