I’m a Girl! by Yasmeen Ismail (Bloomsbury)

11855710_10153453155605446_8862487657332608535_nWe’ve truly adored every picture book that Yasmeen Ismail has produced thus far. Her debut, ‘Time for Bed Fred‘ also published by Bloomsbury, was a success in its own right, winning the V & A Best Illustrated Book Award.

‘I’m a Girl!’ is no different and in fact, has jumped to the top of our ‘favourites by Yasmeen’ list.

11831821_10153453155665446_7456938933039225577_nAs a parent of a girl who isn’t in the least bit restricted by gender stereotypes, yes she may like to play with the odd doll or two, but equally she enjoys skateboarding and is a demon footballer.

We meet a tshirt-and-short clad brave girl who likes speed, spontaneity and noise and who is regularly mistaken for a boy.

“I’m supposed to be nice , all sugar and spice…

but I’m sweet and sour, NOT a little flower!”

11836678_10153453155560446_8953509382260427566_nShe ultimately meets a boy who likes to wear dresses and play with dolls and they both discover that they are each unique and share varied interests.

This book triumphantly celebrates being who we are in glorious watercolour. It also cleverly re-enforces not to allow such stereotyping to pigeon-hole us and embrace our differences.

Cover_RGB_600We could kiss Yasmeen for delivering this perfectly packaged story, with it’s clear message and delectably diverse characters. Executed in a deceptively simple way, this picture book is perfect for a younger, more impressionable audience.

Ismail‘s signature style of beautifully textured watercolour spreads, is one that has become synonymous with her uniquely identifiable work and one we enjoy watching develop with each offering.

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