How Many Legs? by Katja Spitzer (Flying Eye Books)

11207374_10153416784220446_4841657091758443075_nIn this vibrantly retro style counting book, ‘How Many Legs?‘ by Katja Spitzer is a visual treat for the eyes and the hands.

It feels as good as it looks, with its beautiful stitch binding and sturdy cover.

Aimed at emerging readers and budding mathematicians, the strong, bold illustrations won’t fail to please little ones.

11755150_10153416784265446_4998194524776411659_nWith a vivid but limited palette, each image jumps off the page and is just crying out to be counted.

Reminiscent of books I read as a child, this immediately brought back fond memories of my childhood.

Spitzer’s bold illustrative style and choice of a soft, rounded font make for the perfect marriage for an introduction to counting.


The book is cleverly split into two distinct sections.

The first section enables the reader to count up to ten. With repetition of each numeral on both pages, this re-enforces the physical numbers for a much younger audience.

Just check out these six rad robots!


The second section then provides an opportunity for the reader to count without visual numeral aids but still with the same clean, bold images.

We love this spread of the mischievous monkeys and the use of language to extend a child’s vocabulary.

This is different from many of the other counting books on the market at the moment and one we would highly recommend for pre schoolers.

Congratulations to Katja Spitzer and Flying Eye Books for this super cool introduction to counting.

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