The Whale by Ethan and Vita Murrow (Big Picture Press)

11249099_10153413236070446_4422019327136249769_nWhen two young intrepid explorers set out to find the legendary Great Spotted Whale, they get much more than they bargained for.

In this sublime wordless picture book by Ethan and Vita Murrow, the detailed-filled pages play out this epic story with eerily dramatic graphite illustrations.

11750696_10153413236850446_3657019349988699396_nFifty years after the alleged first sighting, the pair equip themselves for a truly magical sea adventure.

Armed with all sorts of special equipment and cameras, the intrepid duo won’t be missing their chance to capture the incontrovertible proof, if it is actually out there.

10521903_10153413236210446_1956455570705816419_nThe nature of the profound black and white spreads with varying hues of grey, further add to the haunting beauty and inconceivable vastness of the ocean.

The blackness of the the deep, dark sea against the pale grey tones of the tiny boat merely emphasises the vulnerability of the young explorers and adds a palpable underlying tension to their search.

11738049_10153413236145446_6049959074726217022_nWhen their ultimate moment arrives and the couple catch sight of the mythical whale, they don’t miss their opportunity to snap pictures and record each spellbinding second.

The newspaper articles scattered throughout the book add a layer of additional detail which makes the unexpected ending even more magical.

Out in September, published by Big Picture Press, set your own narrative to this dramatic adventure and get lost in the detail of each unfurling spread.

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