Dinoblock by Christopher Franceschelli & Peskimo

11038646_10153418812100446_1340126509289750290_n‘Dinoblock’ is another perfect addition to ‘Alphablock’ and ‘Countablock’ by the unbeatable team of Christopher Franceschelli and quirky British designers, Peskimo.

This durable board book makes dinosaurs a whole lot more accessible, for a much younger audience.


This book not only provides factual information in a fun and engaging way, but it also places these pre-historic creatures within the confines of new environments, which will be familiar to most young children.

The clever die-cut pages introduce 24 different types of dinosaur to the reader, each within context to more child-friendly objects, animals and places.


The cut outs of each page provide a platform for the child to interact more fully with the book, almost inviting the child to play a guessing game of ‘hide-and-seek’ to see which dinosaur appears next.

Factual information about each dinosaur is often illustrated by way of using everyday animals, to enable the child to easily relate to each new fact.

11745705_10153418812160446_632801252653598338_nIt will undoubtedly introduce new, less well-known dinosaurs to a captive audience.

Each dinosaur name is accompanied by a phonetically broken-down version. Using bite-sized syllables, this helps to extend children’s language and encourage them to form different sounds.

Unlike anything we’ve seen before, Dinoblock is perfect for a pre school audience and adds enjoyment into reading and learning.


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