Another by Christian Robinson (Simon & Schuster)

In this eagerly awaited solo debut, written and illustrated by Christian Robinson, ‘Another‘ takes young readers on a wildly wordless and playful journey, using the physicality of the book to produce an entirely different perspective on a whole new world.

With Robinson’s iconic use of vibrant collage and a fearless and unapologetic use of negative space, this is undoubtedly set to be another winning formula from this prolific picture book producer.

What if you encountered another perspective?

Discovered another world?

Met another you?

What would you do?


This unique offering is a refreshing and innovative picture book from Christian Robinson, as it establishes a new kind of interactivity with the physical format of the book.

Robinson introduces a playfulness to reading, one which is bound to engage a younger audience, inviting them to turn the book around, upside down and discover a completely new way of storytelling.

On this journey of discovery, readers are encouraged to dissect the unfurling spreads with a new perspective, proving that things may not always be as they seem and you become the master of destiny for the characters in this book.

Encouraging the reader to provide their own narrative to this wordless wonder adds another layer to this already intriguing format. Truly immersing themselves in the artwork to produce a story of their own, no two stories will ever be the same.

With an open-ended storyline and a plethora of diverse characters, this book will undoubtedly resonate with young readers everywhere.

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