The Lost Book of Adventure taken from the notebooks of the Unknown Adventurer (Frances Lincoln)

This staggering collection of notes, sketches and hugely informative snippets of information taken from the notebooks of the Unknown Adventurer (an unidentified adventurer and artist whose notebooks, journals and sketchbooks were discovered by outdoor enthusiast, Teddy Keen in the Amazon), is a complete and utter treasure for families and keen adventurers everywhere.

It is almost a love letter to the wild and all it has to offer us. Some of which we may have already discovered, some of it we most definitely will not.

This tome is a bible which any adventurer would be careless not to address before, during and after any expedition. From the principles of den building, to applying basic first aid, nothing is left out in this adventurer’s anthology.

Whether hiking, canoeing, cycling or climbing, this book encompasses it all, with extraordinarily detailed and mesmerising illustrations to help the intrepid explorer make the most of their escape, no matter how big or small.

A compendium of unfurling spreads accompany a wealth of essential facts, to arm the reader with the necessary tools to forge ahead on their next adventure.

The Lost Book Of Adventure’ is truly a sight to behold, from the beguiling double page spreads packed with captivating artwork and compelling narrative, to the inspirational ideas. This is bound to instigate a number of explorations and who knows, may be even a future explorer.

Immerse yourself in this enchanting book and you’ll be lost in the wonders of nature, exploration and escapism for hours on end.

Teddy Keen has curated a stunning resource for families everywhere to connect be it out in the wild, in the back garden or under the kitchen table. This book is perfect for the wildly adventurous or those with a pang for adventure.

We can’t put it down!


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