The Last Wolf by Mini Grey (Ladybird Books)

In this fresh and original re-telling of Little Red Riding Hood, we are introduced to Red, a determined, wily hunter who is on a mission to catch a wolf!

Armed with her popgun, backpack and supplies, undaunted she sets out on her intrepid adventure.

But the woods aren’t all they appear – and when was the last time anyone saw a wolf lurking in these woods?

With a clear and essential underlying ‘green’ message, this makes it the ideal book to share far and wide with a younger audience.

It will undoubtedly prod the conscience of our next generation to assess the impact of our ecological footprint on the environment and hopefully incite much-needed discussions among our youthful readers.

In this powerful and emotive tale by Mini Grey, the evident issues surrounding our wildlife are touched upon in a sensitive and accessible manner for emerging and young readers.

Coupled with with Mini Grey‘s humour-filled, jam-packed illustrations, this picture book is sure to strike a chord with readers of all ages.

Mini Grey produces some of the highest quality picture books around and the The Last Wolf is no exception.

With it’s poignant message, engaging narrative and formidable lead, it’s a story that is crying out to be delivered to a wide and varied audience.

3 thoughts on “The Last Wolf by Mini Grey (Ladybird Books)

  1. This sounds like a great book. My little boy recently got an encyclopaedia from the library. I’ve been reading it each night (help me). He discovered Sharks are going extinct – I had to explain what this meant. He was very upset and has decided he’s going to save the sharks and put them in our bath and tell people “No, you can’t eat my sharks.”

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