Noteworthy Non-Fiction

We often get asked for recommendations on non-fiction picture books and whilst perhaps not always as prevalent as fiction, there are some highly worthy offerings. Here are a few of our favourites, click on the image for our reviews:

Skyward by Sa Deng (Flying Eye Books) 

The year is 1927 and in America, England and Russia, three young girls share a dream, to fly.

A truly thrilling and all-consuming tale based on a true story, this is one which overcomes the usual gender stereotypes and ultimately laughs in the face of inequality.

Politics for Beginners by Louie Stowell, Alex Frith, Rosie Hore & illustrated by Kellan Stovero (Usborne)

An engaging, entertaining, no-nonsense guide to politics for children and adults alike.

Politics for Beginners‘ will undoubtedly incite debate and trigger further questions for curious, enquiring minds.

With a clear, concise and humorous narrative, this intuitive overview of politics will appeal to a wide and varied audience and hopes to answer those questions many are often too afraid to ask.

How Does A Lighthouse Work? by Roman Belyaev (B Small Books)

An enchanting journey through the science and history of lighthouses.

Answering pertinent questions such as: How can we tell one lighthouse from another? What does a lighthouse keeper do? And how does a lighthouse work?

Illumanatomy by Carnovsky & Kate Davies (Wide Eyed)

An utterly engaging and mesmerising piece of non-fiction. Non-fiction can be as equally beguiling as fiction and this book is testament to that. We’ll go as far to say this is the most entertaining and interactive piece of non-fiction this year.


One Hundred Things To Spot by Naomi Wilkinson

Introducing a younger audience to key concepts such as shapes, colour terms and opposites just got way cooler! Naomi Wilkinson has produced a quality resource for an inquisitive audience and one that will incite learning in a playful way.

New York & London by Jane Foster (Templar Publishing)

From the much-loved black cab to the well-known Empire State Building, Foster captures those landmarks and sights which exude London and New York to perfection, with perhaps some unexpected surprises along the way.


Early Learning At The Museum (The British Library & Nosy Crow)

An eclectic collection of beautiful pieces curated from The British Museum make for a unique introduction to letters & numbers for small hands to explore. Durable board books containing a wealth of artefacts from our history, delving into cultures from around the world.

cygpuy1xcaaxvcwWho Built That? Bridges by Didier Cornille

In this particular ‘Who Built That?‘ series we are introduced to ten of the most important bridges in our world today. Didier Cornille presents the stories behind these iconic bridges and the extraordinary people who designed them.

unnamedAn Animal ABC by Alice Pattullo

Is a screen-printed labour of love and true work of art. Each unfurling spread contains an iconic and perhaps new introduction to a whole range of animals. Each beautiful illustration would make a truly stunning addition to any wall.

imageThe Polar Bear by Jenni Desmond

A stunning illustrative style, delicate but powerful story-telling and an in-depth knowledge of her subject matter. ‘The Polar Bear‘ is testament to all of that and then some!


DIY ABC by Eleonora Marton

In this uber creative, interactive DIY ABC book, this enthralling look at the alphabet is unlike anything else we’ve seen before. Get started on your own interpretation of the ABC’s by colouring, sketching, sticking, cutting and scribbling on each page.

CpmJbOpWIAAgQ3oThe Book Of Bees by Piotr Socha

If there was ever a way to learn more about bees, their habitat, how they communicate and the hugely important role they have played throughout history, then this epic, over-sized encyclopaedic introduction is it.

cseiww8weaahkodAda’s Ideas by Fiona Robinson

In this enthralling story, comes an exquisite interpretation of Ada Lovelace’s extraordinary life. The daughter of the infamous poet Lord Byron and the mathematician Anne Millbanke, Ada was destined for great things. So much so, she became the world’s first computer programmer, long before computers were even invented.

13873201_10154222694455446_2382023500053049105_nFantastically Great Women Who Changed The World by Kate Pankhurst

A fabulously insightful book that should be read by all of your sons and daughters. It’s a celebration of some of the pioneering women that shaped the world in which we live today and whom we have to thank for many different reasons.

13627132_10154178004275446_5663208526117230087_nBotanicum by Katie Scott & Kathy Willis

This beautifully curated detailed guide to plant life is a wondrous museum of all things green and leafy. Presented with intricately illustrated flora by Katie Scott and text provided by Professor Kathy Willis, Director of Science at Kew.

13600122_10154161542575446_1678389028241571797_nSurvivors of the Holocaust by Zane Whittingham & Ryan Jones

A poignant re-telling of a shocking time in our history. We follow six young Jewish people who survived the Holocaust. Each story features real-life events of the horrors of war and recants experiences from those who witnessed it first hand.

13699936_10154185983315446_2183571689319696456_nDestination Space by Dr Christoph Englert & Tom Clohosy Cole

Space is an ever popular topic and this provides an insightful and atmospheric trip through space, our solar system and to galaxies far, far beyond. We defy any young reader not to learn something new or to be enticed to read further.

8887_10153889269890446_3815431924409888773_nWild Animals Of The North by Dieter Braun is the first in a series of illustrated books covering animals of the world and you will not be disappointed! Packed with stunning geometrical illustrations, this is a designer’s dream or indeed anyone with an eye for art, this hefty book will be highly sought after by adults and children alike.

12743820_10153836242805446_4125771775365903793_nProfessor Astro Cat’s Atomic Adventure by Dominic Walliman & Ben Newman

Scientific learning packaged in such a way that you don’t realise you’re drinking in mind blowing facts and stats. Everything you wanted to know about science

and then some!

image4The Big Book Of Bugs by Yuval Zommer

Is a veritable encyclopaedia of all things bugs related. From stingers and chirpers, to wrigglers and fliers. Coupled with jam-packed spreads and sumptuously detailed illustrations, this makes for a highly engaging, yet understated learning experience for any young bug-spotter.

11892121_10153472513120446_2438140224477571444_nThe Amazing Human Body Detectives by Maggie Li

Take a trip through the human body from top to bottom, quite literally. I’ll only mention the world’s longest poo of 26ft, once! This book is packed with snippets of information and supported by vibrant infographics to clearly illustrate each fact. One of the most well-written, creatively executed picture books on the body.

12189143_10153623971385446_2615791057204920964_nThe 50 States by Gabrielle Balkan & Sol Linero

A strikingly vibrant beauty of a book on the 50 States of America, this oversized book would be a fabulous resource for any home or classroom. With fact-filled spreads in snappy, bite-sized pieces of interesting information, there are a wealth of fun facts to be read and digested.

My Book Of Birds by Geraldo Valério 13094142_10153995458570446_3534310843942766445_n

This visually compelling tome on the native birds of North America is a breath taking look at our feathered friends. His use of collage allows an almost geometric artistic interpretation of the birds and one which is highly eye-catching and sure to engage any reader.

The Great Fire Of London by Emma 13221738_10154041742580446_5152358357896369144_nAdams & James Weston Lewis

This has to be one of the most hauntingly stunning visual representations of a piece of our history. From the rose gold foil on the cover to the mind-blowing spreads that encapsulate the sheer enormity of the fire.

Timeline by Peter Goes 12193628_10153612100090446_2002825552460588988_n

From the beginning of time to the current day, no stone is left unturned in this graphical feast for the eyes. Peter Goes has crafted a picture perfect, potted history which will appeal to all ages. It’s an accessible medium for a younger audience and a powerful classroom resource, this is a totally original and fresh approach to history.

13413100_10154094394235446_3925836842428808150_nUnder Earth, Under Water by Aleksandra & Daniel Mizielińska

An utterly engaging and cleverly executed book that can be read from back to front and front to back. Journey quite literally, through the earth to discover what lies beneath the surface in glorious technicolour and insane detail, accompanied by snippets of fascinating facts.

5 thoughts on “Noteworthy Non-Fiction

  1. Lovely books and that great women of the world gives me a great idea for a book on women artists. I love art and have been studying art for a long time and I came across this book and was like oh yeah why haven’t I seen more books on women artists.

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