Politics for Beginners by Louie Stowell, Alex Frith & Rosie Hore with illustrations by Kellan Stover (Usborne)

An engaging, entertaining, no-nonsense guide to politics for children and adults alike.

Politics for Beginners‘ will undoubtedly incite debate and trigger further questions for curious, enquiring minds.

With a clear, concise and humorous narrative, this intuitive overview of politics will appeal to a wide and varied audience and hopes to answer those questions many are often too afraid to ask.

Supported by cartoon-type illustrations and vibrant infographics there’s so much to tempt inquisitive young minds to delve further into an often misunderstood topic.

We throughly enjoyed Stowell, Frith and Hore‘s informative yet light-hearted narrative. With plenty of visual humour and side jokes, this makes politics truly accessible for all.

Kellan Stover‘s charming illustrations and informative diagrams help to breakdown this minefield of information and provide context to a complex subject area.

Divided into six chapters, the book explores the history of politics, key political movements, the electoral systems and even unpicks the various ideologies that exist today.

The writers cleverly manage to offer varying views on many controversial topics and cover a range of intense subject areas without ever patronising their audience.

From feminism to terrorism and fundamentalists to immigrants, no stone is left unturned and much is crammed into these vibrant pages without overloading the reader or preaching to them.

This is a must-have resource for schools, clubs and libraries. We believe it will help people of all ages embrace politics and help them begin to explore their own ideologies. We also hope it assists the next generation to form their own opinions and grab their right to vote with both hands.


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