Earth Verse by Sally M Walker & William Grill (Walker Studio)

In this extraordinary production of atmospheric spreads and illuminating haikus, science is brought together with poetic verse and results in an utterly unique offering.

A sublime blend of verse and art take us on a journey to explore our planet, ‘Earth Verse’ reveals the incredible processes that go on around us through spectacular, unassuming artwork.

From revealing the dramatic layers of the earth crust, to the spectacular eruptions of the earth’s volcanoes and the natural wonders that this astounding world delivers, each turn of the page offers a new facet to this incredulous planet we inhabit.

William Grill’s carefully selected palette of cold grey and blue tones, coupled with blasts of unforgiving, fiery red are inspired.

Geologist, Sally M Walker, provides a fresh and insightful view on those things we may take for granted or indeed those things we would be honoured to witness.

In this sparse form of poetic verse Walker manages to capture the vastness of our glaciers and the majesty of our thunderstorms with hugely descriptive short, snappy prose.

Grill supports Walker’s gritty descriptions to perfection with his iconic muted, grainy illustrations.

His ingenious use of coloured pencils provide the necessary scale and texture to bring this enlightening narrative to life.

The end pages of this engaging book provide a more detailed description of some the core areas addressed in this clever mix of sparse verse and stunning art.


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