Chirri & Chirra by Kaya Doi, translated by Yuki Kaneko (Enchanted Lion)

Cq3zEzGXEAEuO0wWe are thrilled to share this utterly delightful book by well-loved Japanese author and illustrator, Kaya Doi.

It’s an overwhelmingly charming and quirky read, as only the Japanese know how. This beautifully perfect oblong tome contains the most adorable and warm illustrations.

Cq3zE28XYAAxb_qThis lively picture book has a sweet and whimsical undertone, with an over-arching happiness and joy that feels infectious.

We follow two young girls on their adventures through the forest sipping acorn coffee with the honeybees.

Cq3zEzCW8AAJ1cqAs this magical story unfolds further, we enter the stunningly muted world of Chirri & Chirra and see their utopian world through their eyes.

As you’d expect from a Japanese book, the sensory elements are paramount throughout. The use of food, music and the stunning visual element is unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Cq3zEzDWYAAS47hOne in a series of three, Enchanted Lion Books have selected this Autumnal story to kick off the trilogy, with Spring and Winter productions to follow next year.

If there’s one book you add to your wish list, let it be this!


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