Story Path by Madalene Matoso (Big Picture Press)

crrhztfwcaalfqgSo we’ve all seen the classic quest books and remember how much fun we had when we were youngsters selecting your own journey for the characters?

Well, this is a truly innovative way to introduce the basics of good storytelling to a younger audience.

14225389_10154343738245446_1104325721334226966_nWith hundreds of story combinations, where you get to choose your own characters, settings & plots, this is the ideal introduction to young children on how to go about making stories and the component parts needed to engage an audience.

Illustrated by the inimitable Madalena Matoso in a vibrant palette with a range of colourful characters and varying backdrops, this creative and imaginative experience will delight its audience time and time again.

14212004_10154343738200446_7336910239662833229_nThis uncomplicated and highly original approach to storytelling is perfect for highlighting the sequencing of stories and selecting those elements required to make your own perfect story.

Create a new adventure each time you re-visit the book.

14264102_10154343738240446_7725453976883744547_nPicture the scene, as a family of aliens are greeted with a futuristic spaceman, eating burger and chips! Using traditional and contemporary themes this complementary mix makes for an appealing way to absorb little ones in books.

What will you do? Where will you go and who will you take on your journey? It’s all down to you…


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