Goodnight Everyone by Chris Haughton (Walker Books)

13686601_10154194128530446_1693531347675291373_nIn this next offering from Chris Haughton, ‘Goodnight Everyone‘ delivers a comforting and lyrical tale of giving in to sleep.

A gentle, sleep-inducing read which won’t fail to have you yawning with the turn of each page, this makes the perfect bedtime read for a younger audience.

As the sun sets and day gradually becomes night, all bar one of the animals begin to settle down for the night. Little Bear refuses to give in to the lure of his bed.

13697063_10154194128560446_6441034697666008884_nUsing his signature vibrant palette and bold collage characterisation, this is instantly identifiable as Haughton‘s work and his super zingy spreads make for a highly engaging read.

Little Bear is adamant that he’s not tired and tries in vain to find an evening playmate.

But the mice are sleepy, the hares are sleepy and the deer are sleepy and soon the heavy-eyed Little Bear is beginning to feel sleepy.


As they each give a gentle yawn you’ll find yourself lulled into a visibly sleepy state and with a need to let out a yawn yourself, it’s utterly infectious.

Chris Haughton is the king of deceptive simplicity and has produced another future bedtime classic. By reducing text to a bare minimum and illustration to a couple of core colours Haughton manages to capture the whole essence of the storyline in minimal actions and expressions.

In ‘Goodnight Everyone‘ Haughton has effortlessly created a picture book which clearly translates across all ages and languages without the need for a hefty supporting narrative.


Ending in a goodnight kiss and the most delectable end papers, we can’t fault this bedtime read. Aimed at a slightly younger audience than his previous offerings, this will undoubtedly have younger children everywhere snoring soundly.

Find out more about ‘Goodnight Everyone’ as Chris talks about the making of this delightful story and offers an insight into his illustrative processes here.

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