Destination Space by Dr Christoph Englert & Tom Clohosy Cole (Wide Eyed)

13699936_10154185983315446_2183571689319696456_nAn ever popular topic, ‘Destination Space’ is stunningly presented and with information provided by an astrophysics professor, what’s not to love about this top quality non-fiction offering?

Providing an insightful and atmospheric trip through space, our solar system and to galaxies far, far beyond. With every encounter we learn more in-depth knowledge about the science behind the stars and planets in the sky.

13692470_10154185983330446_6588710829866041825_nAs we board the shuttle and prepare for the ride of our lives with our five friends along side, we venture out into this magical history through time, starting with ‘The Big Bang.’

Tom Clohosy Cole‘s use of light and shade is second to none and the atmosphere which he commands through his tonal spreads is electrifying.

His retro-inspired designs and choice of palettes perfectly complement the snippets of information, which makes this journey across Space a highly engaging one.

13631513_10154185983255446_8228275207647624471_nDr Christoph Englert provides an easily digestible potted history of our immense and amazing universe, whilst Tom Clohosy Cole brings his narrative to life in a most seemingly intelligible and unambiguous illustrative style.

A thoroughly captivating lesson, without it feeling like we were being ‘talked-at’ which can come across in other non-fictional writing.

We defy any young reader not to learn something new or to be enticed to read further.


Enjoy flicking through the bold spreads, picking up new facts along the way and look out for the special fold-out pages at the back of the book.

This is the first in the much anticipated ‘Destination’ series from Wide Eyed Editions and we wait with baited breath to see what follows as this will be tough to beat.


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