This Is Not A Book by Jean Jullien (Phaidon)

12143250_10153922682610446_7370057533662178853_nUber creative is probably the best way we can describe ‘This Is Not A Book‘.

We have come to expect nothing less from satirist and graphic designer Jean Jullien, who often provides several dimensions to his work, this being a fine example.

Aimed at children aged 2 to 5 years, this playful book becomes more of a unique, multi-faceted toy.

12512748_10153922682690446_2603595399864647414_nThis really isn’t just a sturdy board book, it’s a toolbox, a tent, a laptop, a pair of hands to clap, a piano and much, much more.

Challenging young children to think about everyday objects in a different way, this book will be turned upside down, laid on it’s side and generally used to experiment with day to day objects.

402_10153922682655446_8803447397490075659_nA truly interactive set of spreads, children and adults will enjoy bringing each object to life, each with their own interpretation and narrative.

We throughly enjoyed playing the piano and making up our own music, as well as typing messages on our laptop and picking things from the fridge to munch on.

12670807_10153922682670446_47478298231509975_nInstilling a love of books is hugely important for children of all ages, but the younger we can start this attachment the better, and this is a fine example of engaging a much younger audience in the love of books.

A sturdy toy that will stand the test of time and bring a new meaning to books. We love this!



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