The Journey by Francesca Sanna (Flying Eye Books)

12920297_10153921305900446_7529747743537315107_nAs you would expect, this tale of forced migration is one tinged with fear, sadness and trepidation as a mother and her two children are forced to up sticks and move to a new home due to war.

Told through the eyes of a young child, this story unfurls before the eyes of the reader, in glorious interchanging palettes of colour.

8272_10153921305995446_3595550135580082969_nWith dark, suffocating spreads eventually leading to light, bright pages filled with hope.

Written candidly and openly, this very significant tale italicises the view of those running from everything they know to find safety.

With a sumptuous, distinctive style of her own, Francesca Sanna captures in pictures, the enormity of this eventful journey.

942529_10153921305920446_8216847186880488343_nSanna has captured the overarching darkness of the journey in a bold, eye-catching graphical illustrative style.

Driven by war and destruction, a young mother flees her current home, leaving behind what she knows, familiar people and places and is expected to find her feet in an alien environment.

This highly relevant story of the plight of migrants is brought to life with clean, colourful imagery and easily accessible, limited narrative.


Based on her own, real-life interactions with those who have had to seek safety in a new place, Sanna has created a truly empathetic story, particularly current and significant now.

The Journey‘ offers a powerful and sympathetic perspective on migration. Accessible to a much younger audience, this can only help change the perceptions of the refugee crisis.

12417889_10153921305965446_20407651686100548_nNot only does this story offer a stark reminder as to why people run, it also provides an uplifting and heart-warmingly positive ending.

Offering hope to those living in fear and a prosperous future for those seeking refuge.

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