Tough Guys (Have Feelings Too) by Keith Negley (Flying Eye Books)

Tough GuysThis is without doubt, the perfect book to get children to open up about their feelings and emotions.

It also just so happens that I have the perfect dress to accompany it.

With bold and bright images this will appeal to any audience, but it will undoubtedly catch the eye of a younger age group.

ninjas‘Tough Guys (Have Feelings Too)’ is a vibrant and colourful meander through a range of different emotions and all of which are illustrated using rough, tough macho men.

From Ninja’s to Superheroes and Cowboys to Wrestlers, none of them are exempt from the odd tear or two, even a tattooed biker sheds a tear for a dead squirrel.


Whether it’s loneliness they’re feeling or missing their loved ones, these macho men have a heart and it’s refreshing to see them at their most vulnerable for a change.

Keith Negley‘s fun, almost comic-like characters make for an engaging read. Negley’s clever use of simple shapes and minimal linear backgrounds still manage to clearly portray each emotion.


Seeing these big, butch, burly men in a more unusual set of circumstances makes this book so utterly compelling.

This will incite a much-needed yet light hearted discussion around emotions and feelings which can often be overlooked in books for a much younger audience.

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