The Zoomers’ Handbook by Ana & Thiago De Morales (Andersen Press)

12107124_10153581528950446_3043544051453929523_nFinally, ‘The Zoomers’ Handbook‘ has arrived.

A handbook for a rather different kind of animal owner.

It’s not a handbook for farmers, or zookeepers, this handbook is for zoomers. Zoomers look after a very unique and special set of beasts.

Let’s take a closer look at these unusual specimens.

12122402_10153581529000446_837749106153007471_nMeet a menagerie of mixed-up mammals from the ‘pigcock‘ to the ‘dogephant‘ each with their own individual characteristics and foibles.

This debut from husband and wife team, Ana and Thiago De Morales, is a quirky and stylish picture book and we’re already looking forward to their next offering.

12111952_10153581529030446_5720262460066158024_nA crazy blend of some of our best loved animals makes for a humorous read and we found ourselves coveting the ‘Shiger‘.

This is such a creative and playful look at a whole new set of blended animals, which will undoubtedly extend children’s minds and imagination.


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