Dreams of Freedom

11015104_10153064786550446_1378979973432312856_nA stunning book, brimming with inspirational quotes coupled with a range of stunning and poignant illustrations, what’s not to love?

We love the cover by Oliver Jeffers. It colourfully captures the meaning behind this incredibly hard hitting set of quotations and highlights the many facets of freedom.


The freedom of expression, the freedom not to be hurt, the freedom to be yourself…

Published by Frances Lincoln Children’s Books in aid of Amnesty International, this book contains infamous quotations from Anne Frank to Nelson Mandela. It tackles the various meanings of ‘freedom’ to each individual and covers many different aspects of this topic.


We have never doubted the sheer strength of words and pictures, in fact we are ambassadors for the power that well-written words and thoughtful pictures can insight.

We’ve witnessed it first hand and it’s an amazing thing to behold.


This unique collection from many of our favourite illustrators including Birgitta Sif, Chris Riddell, Peter Sis, Barroux and Alexis Deacon, to name but a few, truly reflects the perfect marriage of powerful words and strong imagery.



With a combination of classic, well-known quotes and pictures from some of our treasured, world-renowned illustrators, children and adults alike won’t help but be inspired and touched by this book.


This is a great introduction for children to some major players in our history and to fully explore the meaning of ‘freedom’ and what it means to different people.

We particularly love this refreshing image from Ros Asquith and all it stands for.

All royalties from the book will be donated to Amnesty International.

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