Little Red And The Very Hungry Lion by Alex T Smith (Scholastic)

1901533_10153066729815446_5537040611165162079_nWe love a good twist on a classic fairy tale, especially when it includes a laugh-out-loud, vividly vibrant African adventure, like this latest offering from Alex T. Smith.

We follow Little Red on her safari adventure, to visit her spot-riddled Auntie Rosie, as she’s followed by the Lion, and he’s not just any old lion. Oh no! He’s the Very Hungry Lion.


Amongst the golden embossed splendour and pops of colour, Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion is injected with a plethora of subtle, but hilarious details like the bespectacled giraffe, the snorkelling hippopotamus and the nappy-wearing baby meerkat.

Our feisty leading lady makes her way to Auntie Rosie and in true Little Red stylee, the Very Hungry Lion has beat her to it, but this streetwise, clued-up, little girl won’t let the lion get the better of her and there’s some serious fun to be had here.


Sharp, brilliantly executed illustrations (which we have come to expect from Alex) play out this twist on a tale without the need for words, but the narrative just make the story even better.

“Ooh Auntie!” cried Little Red,

“What tatty hair you have!”

“What grubby, grotty teeth you have, Auntie.”


With such a cheeky, mischievous twist on a fairy tale, it can’t fail to please even the toughest young reader and it will undoubtedly appeal to the child within any adult.

Over the last 10 years Alex T. Smith has produced a number of quality books and this is no different, in fact this is our new firm favourite picture book from Alex.


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